Dispatch Services for Owners and Operators in the USA.

Dispatch services for owners and operators in the USA.  We offer top-tier freight dispatch services tailored for interstate carriers and fleet owners across the USA and Canada. 

Experience unmatched quality and efficiency in managing your logistics operations with our comprehensive solutions. We have warehousing on-site and a drop yard for overnight parking.  Our facility has gated security and constant video surveillance.  

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What are Truck Dispatch Services?

Truck dispatch services are essential for owner-operators and small trucking companies, handling the administrative tasks crucial for smooth operations. Whether it’s finding and assigning loads, managing compliance, providing customer support, or handling billing, dispatchers ensure you can focus on driving while they manage the paperwork.

Dispatch services for owner operators in USA. See poster for info. Contact Tyger logistics (864) 969-3880 or info@tygerlogistics.com What are truck dispatch services?

The Tyger Trucking Advantage:

Unlike other dispatch services, Tyger Trucking offers unparalleled flexibility and transparency. We empower you to maintain independence under your own MC while benefiting from the support of a larger organization. With a straightforward 6% fee per load, we handle all your back-end needs without imposing monthly charges or forcing unwanted loads upon you.

Key Dispatch Services Offered to Truck Drivers:

Load Acquisition:

Expert dispatchers excel in sourcing and assigning lucrative loads, optimizing your routes for maximum profitability.

Driver Management:

Efficiently manage your drivers, ensuring seamless coordination and timely deliveries.

Compliance Assistance:

Stay compliant with motor carrier regulations and industry standards, mitigating risks and avoiding penalties.

Customer Support:

Deliver exceptional service to clients with responsive and dedicated customer support solutions.

Billing and Collections:

Delegate the hassle of billing and collections, ensuring timely payments and cash flow optimization.


Why Choose Us?

Say goodbye to the hassles of truck dispatching and the frustrations of navigating the trucking industry. Experience a stress-free and streamlined approach to managing your dispatch needs with our efficient solutions.

Freedom and Control:

Retain the freedom to choose the loads that best suit your preferences and schedule, without any constraints.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

With a transparent fee structure and no hidden charges, we ensure cost-effectiveness and profitability for your business.

Efficiency and Support:

Benefit from our expertise and dedicated support, streamlining your operations for enhanced productivity and success.

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Experience the difference with Tyger’s seamless dispatch services. Contact us today to elevate your trucking operations with efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs. Let us handle the paperwork while you focus on the road ahead.